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Firenzuola's territory is characterized by a rooted local culinary culture. Among the protagonists of Firenzuola's table we can certainly find the "Marrone" (name used for chestnut in some parts of Italy), cultivated in this area since hundreds of years and still a socio-cultural-economic core element. In fact, chestnut trees planting as well as the harvest and potential drying of the "Marrone" play a fundamental part in agricultural holdings of this area and this product is honoured by the community with a series of events usually proposed in October. Moreover, with the pulp of chestnuts it is prepared one of the typical dishes of Firenzuola: the "tortellaccio di Marroni" (ravioli stuffed with chestnut pulp).

Firenzuola is dealing more and more with letting rediscover and guard its own peculiar agricultural treasures, as it did with the Farro Dicocco (dicoccum emmer) planting, to bring to light and to the customer attention the productive excellences typical of the territory, as Firenzuola's potatoes, local honey or the stone grinding technique used for cereals. Cattle breeding represents an excellence of Firenzuola both for the milk chain, for which there is a special tourist route called "La via del Latte" (milk route), and for the meat chain which is considered to date a pride for the district.
A special consideration goes to the growing realities that adopt biological techniques; in the name of KM 0 policy (for which only local products produced in the surroundings can be used for cooking), in summer there is a "Mercatino del Contadino" (farmers market) dedicated to those growing realities and to all agricultural realities in the area.

The extended territory of Firenzuola's district is suited for hiking into the woods, except for chestnut woods, to look for an autumn and spring delicacy: mushrooms. There are a lot of varieties existing in the territory, from "prugnoli" to "porcini", to "finferli", "ovuli" and "barbicini". As mushroom harvest is an important resource for undergrowth ecosystem, it is strongly controlled, but open to everyone; if you click on the following link, you can find all the updated directives of Tuscany region in the field. 

Undergrowth exploration allows to come into contact with the sedentary faunal variety. In fact, the district's territory hosts a great diversity of animals, from the big ungulates as deers, fallow deers and roe deers, to wild boars, badgers, beech martens, wolves, porcupines and foxes, besides an infinite abundance of birds, sedentary and migratory, which ranges from the hawk to the woodcock. If you click on the following link you can find a detailed explanation of various species and their peculiarities.

This territorial and faunal variety corresponds to a historical hunting tradition, still alive and rooted in the district. Unlike the general belief, hunting and fishing activities are strongly regulated and suitable for ensuring the species prosperity in the best conditions. Every information about the province hunting plan and on regulations about hunting profession can be found by clicking on the following link.

Firenzuola's district offers a lot of possibilities for hiking lovers, with a lot of paths of different kind suited for every age, practicable by horse, by bike, enduro or on foot. Paths are countless, the majority of which is marked by CAI (Website: http://www.caitoscana.it) such as the route stretch that is part of the path known as Via degli Dei (Website: http://www.viadeglidei.it/index.php?lang=it).
One of the most practised and followed sports in Firenzuola is certainly enduro. The district has also hosted more than once championships and sector competitions, encountering lovers enthusiasm. Santerno river indeed, in its intermediate mountain stretch, thanks to its particularly copious flow rate of the curvy course, is perfect for canoeing competitions, and, together with Limentra Inferiore creek, Enza river and Trebbia river, is the main watercourse in the northern Apennines for this aim.

Firenzuola's roads, especially the ones that lead to the Giogo, the Futa and the Raticosa passes, are an object of interest for motorcycling lovers who find there the perfect route features and a landscape for Sunday trips out. Professional cyclists love the Montanara road and the Faggiola pass, both for training and for stages for important local cycling competition.

Santerno river and its main tributaries are the backbone around which the whole district of Firenzuola is developed and they attract every summer a lot of bathers from Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna, as well as national and international patrons and enthusiasts. Unlike the most downstream city stretches of Santerno river, in the Tuscan part water analysis - carried on every year in Castel Del Rio basin with the cooperation of the Istituto Tecnico Chimico Biologico Ghini of Imola - prove that this river stretch is safe and isn't affected by the pollution observed in Imola stretch. Health and the conservation status of the Tuscan stretch of Santerno river is a special matter for the population of Firenzuola which has established a committee to protect it.